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Board Development

Is your Board of Directors actively engaged in helping to grow your organization’s revenue, donor community and community presence? On a scale of one to ten, what is your board’s commitment to helping your organization to successfully carry out its mission? PhilanthroPros can help you to get your board…back on board!


As a rule, nonprofit organizations do a great job delivering vital programs and services. On the other hand, failure to understand and consider appropriate funding methods has many nonprofits in a consistent struggle for revenue.

Institutional Planning

Many organizations move forward year after year, failing to realize solid gains in the donors and revenue that enable them to continually expand their programs or services. Others have trouble funding existing missions. Organizations with a solid development plan, however, on the average, are more successful in raising revenue and carrying out their objectives.

Capacity Building

How close is your organization to achieving the goals outlined in your Vision Statement? PhilanthroPros is expert at helping organizations leverage existing resources to maximize the impact of their efforts.

What others have to say about PhilanthroPros

“PhilanthroPros and I worked very closely together over the last year, building the reputation and structure of our Foundation from the ground up, and I can honestly say that whatever progress we’ve made in that time is in no small part due to their guidance and friendship”